Global Points Exchange

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The opportunity

Points exchange partnerships between major brands open up exciting options for consumers. Unfortunately, technology constraints and the traditional bilateral partnership model make it challenging to offer points conversion at scale.

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Our solution

Plug in to Ascenda's points exchange network, TransferConnect, the only global hub connecting banks and major merchants for seamless rewards currency conversion.

Access the network effortlessly via API, secure file transfer or by using an Ascenda white label UI.


Connect with partners at scale

Single connection
Single connection

Enable points exchange with dozens of partners globally through a single API or file transfer connection with Ascenda.

Simple commercials
Simple commercials

Transparent pricing model without pre-purchase requirements or other strings attached.

Global reach
Global reach

From Brazilian banks to European hotel groups and US airlines, access the partners you need to deliver your strategy.

Key Features
  • Single connection for global exchange
  • Real-time conversion
  • Partner trademark usage rights
  • Precision reconciliation and settlement
  • Merchant-funded marketing campaigns

Our Partners